Unit 11: National Parks

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Unit 11: National Parks

Unit 12: Music

Conditionalsentence (type 3):

Ex1: Nam didn’t study hard, sohe failed the exam.

=> If Nam hadstudied hard, he wouldn’thavefailed the exam.

Unit 11: National Parks

Unit 11: National Parks

VED                                         V­ED

Ex2:We didn’t go on hoilday because we didn’t have enough money.

=> If we hadhad enough money, we wouldhavegone on holiday.

V3                                                V3

Ex3: Nam didn’t go to school yesterday. He didn’t meet me.

=> If Nam hadgone to school yesterday, he wouldhavemet me.

V3                                                         V3

Form:               If clause
             Main clause

IF+  S  + HAD  +  V3/ED +…


wouldS +   could    + have +  V3 / ED+..

* Usage: Dùng để diển tả điều kiện không thật hay trái với thực tế trong quá khứ

*Note: Ta có thể thay thế UNLESS = IF …….NOT

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