Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 13

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 13


Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 14

Choose the word which is stressed differently from therest.

  1. a. cinema               b.sequence                c. character               d. event
  2. a. degree                b.existence               c. audience                d. appear
  3. a. cartoon              b.detective                c. tragic                      d. Titanic
  4. a. engage                b.rapid                       c. disaster                  d. instead
  5. a. discover             b.horror                     c. science                   d. movement
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 13

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 13

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from therest.

  1. a. form                   b.first                         c.enough d. Stephen
  2. a. excite                 b.decide                    c. horrify                   d. mind
  3. a. photograph b. laugh                      c.plough d. enough
  4. a. weigh b.high c. plough                    d. cough
  5. a. disaster            b.discover                 c. liner                        d. cinema


Choose one best option to fill in each sentence

11.There’s a love story in it, and it’s very funny. I suppose you’d call it a____________

  1. horror film           b. detective film      c. romantic comedy            d. thriller
  2. Steven Spielberg is one of the famous __________.He has made lots of films including Jaw,Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, etc.
  3. stars                       b. directors                   c. actors                d. script writers
  4. The film contains of explicit __________of violence.
  5. scenes                    b. scents                        c. sceneries          d. screens

14.The main ___________is played by Nicole Kidman.

  1. actress                    b. character                  c. director            d. film maker
  2. Silence of The Lambs is a/an ___________film. It makes the audience scared.
  3. disaster                  b. science fiction           c. action              d. horror
  4. The film is ___________the 1940s, during the Second World War.
  5. made for                b. based on                    c. set in                d. occurred in
  6. The movie Schindler’s List was ___________on the novel Schindler’s Ark written by the Australian writer Thomas Keneally.
  7. based                      b. depended                   c. played              d. performed

18.Charlie Chaplin is considered as the greatest comic actor of the ___________.

  1. musical cinema                 b. commercial film
  2. romantic comedy             d.silent cinema
  3. When did the cinema come into ____________?
  4. exist                             b. existing        c. existence            d. existences
  5. England is an ____________country.
  6. industrialize                 b. industry       c. industrial           d. industrialization


Choose the best answer.

  1. “Look outside! ____________ sky is getting very dark”.

– “I hope it isn’t going to be a storm”.

A.A                               B. The                            C.  x                  D.Some

22.I’d like to invite him to ____________ dinner next week if that’s OK with you.

  1. a                                B. the                             C. x                   D. an
  2. “I’m going out for a walk. Have you seen my shoes?”

– “Yes, they’re on _________ floor in ____________ kitchen.”

A.a / the                       B. the / the
C. a / a              D. the / a

24.. “Do you see the video store? I was sure it was on ____________MainStreet.”

“I think it’s on ___________side street, but I’m not sure which one”

  1. the /the                     B. the / a                        C. a / X        D. X / a
  2. “Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her?”

– “I don’t know. She seemed ___________in it, however.”

A.interest                     B.interesting                C. interested           D. interestingly.

  1. The students all went to the circus yesterday. I heard it was really_____________.

A.amused                     B. amusing                    C. amuse                  D. amusingly

  1. I was ________that Jane couldn’t come to the party. Her boss made her work overtime.

A.disappointing          B. disappointedly        C. disappoint             D. disappointed

  1. What a terrible football game! I thought it was ______________.

A.delightful                 B. delighting`               C. delight                 D. delighted

  1. It was not until 2:30 that everyone ____________ leave the stadium.

A.can                            B. could                        C. will                       D. must

  1. It ____________ not until last summer we had a holiday.

A.is                               B. has been                   C. had been              D. was


Choose the sentence which has a similar meaning to the sentence printed before.

  1. The clown amused the children.
  2. The clown had the children amusing.
  3. The children found the clown amusing.
  4.    The clown made the children amuse.
  5. The children were amusing the clown.
  6. The film excited us all a lot.
  7. The film had a lot excitement.
  8. We were excited about all of the film.
  9. The film made all of us feel a lot of excited.
  10.     All of us were excited about the film.
  11. He didn’t come until 6 p.m.

a.It was not until 6 p.m. that he came.

b.He stayed until 6 p.m.

c.It was 6 p.m., but he didn’t come.

d.He came before 6 p.m.

  1. Horror films terrify my little sister.

a.My little sister is terrifying of horror films.

b.My little sister is terrified of horror films.

c.My little sister thinks horror films are terrified.

d.Horror films are terrified to my little sister.

35.I delight in reading English books.

  1. I hate reading English books.
  2. I am interested in reading English books.
  3. I am tired of reading English books.
  4. I am not excited at reading English books.
  5. We didn’t meet them until 2007.
  6. It was not until 2007 that we meet them.

b.It was not until 2007 that we met them.

c.It was 2007 that we didn’t meet them.

  1. Not until 2007 we met them.


Choose the best option.

37 _______ men are often paid more than _________ women for _______ the same job.

  1. Ø – the –the                b. Ø – Ø – the          c. The-the-the                 d. Ø – Ø – Ø
  2. At first she was train to be _________scriptwriter, but later she worked as ________ director assistant in a studio.
  3. a- a                                b.the-the                c. a-the                             d. the-a
    39. ________ sun gives off ____________ heat and ___________ light.
  4. Ø – Ø – Ø                      b.The-the-a            c. The -. Ø – Ø                 d. A-a-a
  5. Are you going to ___________ countryside for __________ week?
  6. A-a                                b.the-a                    c. the-an                           d. the – Ø


Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

Modern cinema audiences expect (41) _________ plenty of thrilling scenes in action films. These scenes (42) ____________ are known as stunts are usually (43) __________ by stuntmen who are specially trained to dangerous things (44) ___________. Anyone can crash a car, but if you are (45) ____________ a film, you have to be extremely precise, sometimes you drive and stop right in front of the camera and film crew. At (46) ___________ early stage in the (47) ___________, an expert stuntman is (48)_____________ to work out the action scenes and form a team. He is the only person who can against the words of the director, (49) ____________ he will usually only (50) ____________ this in the regards of safe.

  1. a. see                              b.to see                   c. seeing                  d. seen
  2. a. which                         b.whom                  c. of that                  d. those
  3. a. produced                   b.performed           c. cancelled            d. interfered
  4. a. safe                             b.safety                  c. safely                   d. safeness
  5. a. firing                          b.working               c. doing                   d. acting
  6. a. a                                  b.an                         c. the                        d. no article
  7. a. produce                      b.product               c. production          d. productive
  8. a. called in                     b.came in               c. checked in          d. taken in
  9. a. despite                       b.in spite of           c. due to                  d. because
  10. a. to do                           b.does                     c. do                         d. done

Đáp án: Here

1. D 11. C 21. B 31. B 41. B
2. C 12. B 22. C 32. D 42. A
3. C 13. A 23. B 33. A 43. B
4. B 14. B 24. D 34. B 44. C
5. A 15. D 25. C 35. B 45. D
6. D 16. C 26. B 36. B 46. C
7. C 17. A 27. D 37. B 47. C
8. C 18. D 28. A 38. A 48. A
9. D 19. C 29. B 39. C 49. D
10. C 20. C 30. D 40. B 50. C

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