Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 16

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 16


Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 10

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of  the rest in each of the following questions:

  1. A. pleasure B.measure C. leisure                   D. ensure
  2. A. special                 B.ocean                     C. Confucian             D. century
  3. A. machine               B.merchant               C. Chinese                 D. chamber


Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that is differently stressed from that of the
rest in each of the following questions

  1. A. legend                  B.flourish                 C. engrave                 D. scholar
  2. A. categorize            B.heritage                 C. cultural                  D. bombardment


Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

  1. My house is_______ yours. They have the same size
    A. as big as         B. so big as          C. bigger than      D. the biggest


  1. It’s ………to go by bus than by car

A.cheaper         B. cheapest          C. more cheap      D. more cheaper

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 16

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 16

  1. Let me know if you have any……….news?

A.farer              B. farthest            C. further             D. father


  1. Quoc Tu Giam was………….on the grounds of Van Mieu in 1076.

A.formed          B. established      C. pushed             D.developed


  1. This building is a historical………in our town.

A.relic              B. period              C. context            D. view

  1. Historical places in Hoi An……………great interests from visitors.

hold               B. appeal              C. like                  D. attract

12.Peter ran……….his sister, Mary.

A.slowlier         B. as slow as        C. more slowly than    D. so slowly as


  1. The buildings in our city are……..than mine.

A.wider             B. deeper              C. taller                D. longer


  1. About 100 thousand Australian visitors ……….in Viet Nam in 2003

A.went              B. arrived             C. reached            D. came


  1. This is…………hotel we have ever stayed at.

A.the most modern                        B.modernist            C.the more modern             D.most modernist

  1. Hoi An …………an important trading center in Southeast Asia.

A.used to be     B. used to being   C. was used to be D. use to be


  1. This architecture is a……………….of our city.

A.want              B. thank               C. pride                D. proud


18.The………….of President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum took place from 1973 to 1975.

  1. construction     B. construct         C.contractual      D. constructed


  1. The names of many famous ………………… are on the stelae in Van Mieu.

A.scholars           B. doctorlaureates    C. students                   D. workers


  1. No new business can flourish in the present economic conditions

A.continue        B. engrave            C. grow well         D. witness


21 From now on, we won’t be able to go out as much as we …………………

  1. were                    B. had                          C.used to                  D. will


22.We’re never owned ………………… independent cat as this one.

  1. a more than       B. such an                   C. a so                        D. as much an


23.Brian has been working ………………… since he was promoted.

  1. much harder    B. as harder                 C. just as hardly      D. more hardly


24.I’ve been feeling ………………… tired lately, doctor.

  1. such a           B. the most                    C. more and more     D. much


25.This exercise will give you ………………… practice.

A.farther          B. much more                C. as better                   D. a lot


Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the sentences which is closest in meaning to the given one

26.Ihaven’t tasted such good coffee for ages.

  1. This is the best coffee I’ve tasted forages.      B. Thiscoffee is the best I tasted for ages.
  2. I didn’t taste any such good coffee for ages.    D. I never tasted such good coffee for ages.
  3. None of the other books is as interesting as this one
  4. This book is more interesting one.                  B.This book is the much interesting one.
  5. This book is the less interesting one.               D. This book is the most interesting one.
  6. Peter is the most generous person I know.
  7. I know a most generous person thanPeter.
  8. I know a moregenerous person than Peter.
  9. I don’t know a more generous person than Peter.
  10. I don’t know any most generous person than Peter.
  11. That’s the cheapest dish on the menu.

A.None of the other dishes is as cheap as that one.

  1. That dish is cheap than this one on the menu.
  2. That dish is cheaper on the menu.
  3. This dish is cheaper than that one on the menu.
  4. Tam is better at English than Phuong.
  5. Phuong is worse at English than Tam        B. Phuong isn’t as good at English as Tam
  6. Tam isn’t as bad at English as Phuong       D. Tam isn’t as good at English as Phuong


Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction


  1. Our hotel is the cheapest than all the othersin the town

A                 B         C             D

  1. This is one of thebaddest films I’ve ever seen

A         B                  C            D

  1. Peter didn’t do as better in the exams as he had hoped

A           B                        C             D

  1. Are those the best beautiful pictures you’ve got?

A             B        C                     D

  1. Pace of living in the city is more fastly than that in the countryside.

A               B                  C                    D

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks

Kevin teaches  mathematics at  a high school .He enjoys his teaching  very much , and he always feels very (36)………and proud  when he is standing on the teaching  (37)………Some of his  ex-classmates have just offered him a chance to  join them  in a new company (38)………. computer software for businesses .Everyone thinks that it will do very well.Kevin will probably earn more money  than he (39)…………. at the high school. The new
company is (40)……….., and the money may be very good in deed.However, Kevin can hardly quit his teaching job!
He loves it.

  1. A. self-confident              B. embarrassed                     C.shy                         D. unhappy
  2. A. class                           B.career                            C.profession              D. platform.
  3. A. to get                          B.to produce                       C.to prepare              D. to work.
  4. A. do                               B.does                                   C.did                      D. doing.
  5. A. excited                       B.excitedly                           C.excitement            D. exciting.

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer after each question.

London is the place where the historic past and the present come alive. A blend of history, architecture and culture has
created an amazingly and constantly developing city. Not surprisingly the capital has become a wonderful place for visitors and a great place to live with countless museums, galleries and entertainment places throughout the city. Whatever you want to buy, you can surely find out in London. London has a population of 7.2 million people and it is one of Europe’s most densely populated areas.

Throughout history, a lot of immigrants and refugees have been arriving in London. London has more women than men and its population is younger when compared to the rest of the country. The capital is housing over 306,000 students in higher education.

  1. Which sentence is true?
  2. There are not any works of architecture in London.
  3. London is a constantly developing city.
  4. No tourists visit London.
    D. There are not many museums in London.
  5. To many visitors, London is_______.
  6. the most populous city in the world.               B.  not well-developed
  7. an amazing architecture                                D.  awonderful place
  8. London attracts visitors because of its______.
  9.  blend of history                                         B. countless musuems and art galleries
  10. entertainment places                                 D.  all A, B, C
  11. The population of London is________.
  12. seven million people                                        B.  over seven million people
  13. less than seven million people                       D.  six million people
  14. London is one of the most______city in Europe.
  15. historic                   B. surprisin       C. undeveloped                    D. populous
  16. In London, there are________.
  17. no universities         B.  more men than women
  18. many students coming for higher education                  D. mno immigrants
  19. The population of London is_____when compared to the rest of the country.
  20. older            B. younge             C.  smaller                   D. bigger

48._____of the population of London is female.

  1. Half                                                                                B.  Less than half
  2. More than half                                                               D.  One third
  3. 306,000 is the number of________in London.
  4. population                                                    B.  higher educationstudents
  5. immigrants and refugees                                 D. workers
  6. The main idea of the passage is
  7. to introduce a new industrial city in Britain        B. to advertise a new city in Britain
  8. to advertise a new shopping centre in Britain         D. to introduce a historical city in Britain

Xem đáp án 

1 D 26 A
2 D 27 D
3 A 28 C
4 C 29 A
5 D 30 D
6 A 31 A
7 A 32 B
8 C 33 B
9 B 34 B
10 A 35 C
11 D 36 A
12 C 37 D
13 C 38 B
14 B 39 B
15 A 40 D
16 A 41 B
17 D 42 D
18 A 43 D
19 A 44 B
20 C 45 D
21 C 46 C
22 B 47 B
23 A 48 C
24 C 49 B
25 B 50 D

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