Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh tỉnh Bắc Ninh năm 2015 – 2016

Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh tỉnh Bắc Ninh năm 2015 – 2016

NĂM HỌC : 2015- 2016
Môn thi: Tiếng Anh
Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút
(Không kể thời gian giao đề)

Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences from 1 to 15:

Question 1Tom is_________than his brother.
A. more tall                             B. the tallest                C. tall                          D. taller

Question 2: We left early__________miss the last train.
A. so as not                             B. in order not             C. in order to   D. in order not to

Question 3: The machine __________if you press this button .
A. will stop                             B. would stop             C. stopping                  D. stop

Question 4:  You didn’t watch TV last night , ………..?
A. didn’t you              B. did you                               C. were you                 D. do you

Question 5: She said she ________Ha Long Bay the following day.
A. will visit                 B. will be visited                     C. would visit D. would be visited

Question 6: He hates _____________at while he is out in the street.
A. staring                    B. be stared                             C. is stared                  D. being stared

Question 7: If we ______wasting water , there will be a shortage of fresh water in a few decates.
A. go out                     B. go up                                  C. go in                       D. go on

Question 8: Tom : “ Let me congratulate you on passing the final exam”       Jane: “………….”
A. Yes, let’s                B. It’s nice of you to say so    C. Not at all     D. I’m sorry. I can’t.

Question 9: The professor _______course I am taking is excellent.
A. that                         B. who                                    C. whose                     D. which

Question 10: I wish I _______buy a cellphone.
A. shall                        B. will                         C. can                            D. could

Question 11: Peter: “ Would you like to have dinner with me ?”  – Ann: “_________”
A. I’m very happy.     B. Yes, I do                  C. Yes, It is                   D. Yes, I’d love to.

Question 12: It’s raining hard , ______________I can’t go to the beach.

A. however                 B. so                            C. because                   D. but

Question 13: Tomorrow the director will have a meeting _______8.00 to 10.00a.m.
A. between                  B. in                            C. from                        D. among

Question 14: The Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life.
A. invented                 B. invent                     C. inventor                  D. invention

Question 15: ______the weather was very bad , we enjoyed our picnic.
A. Although                B. Despite                   C. Inspite of                D. However

Choose the sentence which has the same meaning as the given one from 16 to 20:
Question 16:  My sister began to play the guitar five years ago.
A. My sister has played the guitar for five years
B. My sister has played the guitar since five years.
C. My sister had played the guitar for five years
D. My sister stops playing the guitar now.



Question 17: The house has been rebuilt. It was destroyed in the fire last year.
A. The house has been rebuilt which was destroyed in the fire last year.
B. The house who was destroyed in the fire last year has been rebuilt.
C. The house which was destroyed in the fire last year has been rebuilt.
D. The house where was destroyedin the fire last year has been rebuilt.



Question 18: “W here is the post office?” he asked me.
A. He asked me where is the post office.
B. He asked me where was the post office.
C. He asked me where the post office was.
D. He asked me where the post office is.



Question 19: You should invite Bill to the party.
A. Bill should be invited to the party.
B. Bill should be invite to the party.
C. Bill should be inviting to the party.
D. Bill should invite you to the party.



Question 20: I don’t have the key , soI can not get into the house.
A. If I have the key , I can get into the house.
B. If I had the key, I could get into the house.
C. If I had the key, I can get into the house.
D. If I had the key, I couldn’t get into the house.



Choose the word whose stress pattern is differently from that of the orther. From 21 to 22.

Question 21: A. emotion        B. occasion                  C. suggestion              D. classical

Question 22:A. famous          B. agree                       C. father                      D. lucky

Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D that best fits each space in the following passage from 23 to 32:

Malaysia (23)__________one of the countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). It consists (24)________the Malay Peninsula and Sarawk and Sabah on the Island Borneo.It is (25) ________into two regions, known as West Malaysia and East Malaysia. It has a tropical (26)________.

The (27)________of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is (28)________world’s biggest producer of palm oil, and it exports rubber, tin and gas . In addition to Islam, the country’s official (29)__________, there are Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Malaysian people speak Bahasa Malaysia as (30)_________mother tonge. It is the language of (31)______in all secondary schools. English, Chinese and Tamil are also widely spoken in (32)_____country.

Question 23: A. is                               B. are                           C. has                          D. have

Question 24:A. at                               B. for                           C. in                            D. for

Question 25:A. comprised                 B. divided                   C. impressed               D. corresponded

Question 26:A. climate                       B. weather                   C. flood                       D. territory

Question 27:A. town                          B. Capital                    C. street                       D. province

Question 28:A. a                                B. an                            C. the                          D. 0

Question 29:A. region                        B. religion                   C. population              D. language

Question 30:A. they                           B. them                       C. their                                    D. theirs

Question 31:A. attraction                   B. association              C. production              D. instruction

Question 32:A. this                            B. these                       C. those                       D. many

Choose  the words whose underlined part is prounced differently from that of the others from 33 to 35:

Question 33: A. seat               B. teacher                    C. wear                        D. meal

Question 34: A. stopped        B. needed                    C. washed                   D. worked

Question 35: A. chairs            B. pens                        C. books                      D. toys

Choose the correct sentence that is made from the given cues from 36 to 40:

Question 36: This / be / best / film / I / ever / see.
A. This was the best film I’ ve ever seen.
B. This is the best film I’ve ever seen.
C. This is the best film I’ d ever seen.
D. This is the best film I ever saw.



Question 37: Nam / spend / two / hours / do / homewwork / everyday.

A. Nam spend two hours doing his homework every day.

B. Nam spends two hours  to do his homework every day.

C. Nam spends two hours  doing his homework every day.

D. Nam is spent two hours  doing his homework every day.

Question 38:   Wear / uniforms / encourage / students / proud / school.
A. Wear  uniforms encourages students to be proud of their school.
B. Wearing  uniforms encourage students to be proud of their school.
C. Wearing  uniforms encourages students  being  proud of their school.
D. Wearing  uniforms encourages students to be proud of their school.



Question 39: They / going / visit / home village  / weekend.
A. They are going to visit my home village next weekend.
B. They are going to visiting  my home village next weekend.
C. They are going  visit my home village next weekend.
D. They are going to visit me home village next weekend.



Question 40: Unless / you / study / harder / you / not / pass / exam.
A. Unless you study harder, you won’t pass the exam.
B. Unless you study harder, you don’t pass the exam.
C. Unless you study harder, you didn’t pass the exam.
D. Unless you studied harder, you won’t pass the exam.



Choose the underlined word or phrase that need correcting in each of the following sentences from 41 to 45.

Question 41: It was such hot that I couldn’t sleep soundly.

A       B           C               D

Question 42:  He got up lately yesterday morning.

A           B           C            D

Question 43:  Vietnam, that is in the south- east Asia, exports rice.

A       B                           C            D

Question 44:  I haven’t seen her when we left school.

A           B      C          D


Question 45:  What do you use to do when you felt afraid?

A           B             C                     D

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each of the following questions from 46 to 50.

On January 17, 1995, a powerful earthquake hit the city of Kobe, Japan. Many buildings burned or collapsed. Part of an expressway fell over. Train lines were damaged, so trains could not run, and supplies of electricity, gas and water were cut off. Soon after the earthquake was over, people in Kobe began working together to save their city. Neighbors pulled each other out of collaped buildings. Ordinary people put out fires even before the fire trucks arrived. Volunteers in Kobe organized themselves into teams. They worked out a system to send help to where it was needed. Some people brought food, water, clothes, and electric generators different parts of the city. Other teams searched  for belongings in damaged stores and homes. Some volunteers took care of the children who had lost their parents. Teams of volunteers from outside Japan helped, too. A rescure team with search dogs came from Switzerland. A group of doctors called Doctors Without Borders came from all over the world. A group called the International Rescure Corps also sent its members to help.

Today, Kobe has been rebuilt. But people there still remember the outpouring of support they received from all over the world back in 1995.

Question 46: In 1995, Japan was hit by___________.

A. A volcano                B. a hurricane               C. an earthquake                D. a flood

Question 47:  Why did volunteers from other countries come to Japan after the earthquake?

A. All of the people in Japan were ill.               B. They wanted to write about the earthquake.

C. They wanted to help the people in Japan .    D. They wanted to visit Japan .

Question 48: The doctors in Doctors Without Borders___________________.

A. all came from Japan                                      B. all came from Switzerland

C. used search dogs to help them                       D. came from all over the world.

Question 49: On the whole , the passage is about ______________.

A. an earthquake in Kobe , Japan.                 B. the roads and trains in Kobe , Japan.

C. how to organize volunteers.                      D. volunteers in Japan.

Question 50: The word “ it” in line 7 refers to ________.

A. team                B. truck                       C. volunteer                       D. help

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