Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh Sở GD-ĐT Tp HCM năm 2009

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh Sở GD-ĐT Tp HCM năm 2009

Môn thi : TIẾNG ANH
Thời gian: 120 phút (không tính thời gian giao đề)

I. Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank. (40 pts)

1. Carbon emissions from airplanes and other pollutants ________ to global warming.
A. attribute                              B. stem                 C. contribute                  D. spark

2. He was ________ with bribery after she offered to pay the policeman a sum of money to overlook the offence.
A. charged                      B. accused            C. sued                 D. suspected

3. Some endurance events may be rescheduled if such high pollution levels ________ a health risk to most athletes.
A. create                        B. present             C. run                            D. face

4. Improving the overall environmental quality is a long-term battle in which we do want the participation of everyone in society in order to ________ results.
A. realize                        B. reap                 C. bear                           D. generate

5. Hundreds of people in the hardest-hit zone are at ________ from disease unless a tsunami-like aid effort is mobilized.
A. threat                        B. menace             C. risk                            D. danger

6. The result is impossible to predict with any degree of ________.
A. certainty                             B. assurance                  C. insurance                   D. probability

7. Parents play a ________ role in a child’s upbringing in the formative years. They are really the driving force behind whatever the children do.
A. supporting                          B. crucial              C. starring            D. title

8. With three days to ________ before the high school graduation examination, he had to digest such a lot of facts.
A. go                                       B. come                C. remain             D. spare

9. Television came into _________ and became a competitor with the motion pictures.
A. practice                     B. enforcement     C. use                             D. life

10. It’s a matter of life and death. As a consequence, we will give it serious ________.
A. review                       B. thoughts                    C. opinions                    D. consideration

11. Without ________, natural resources will be used up within a hundred years.
A. preservation              B. maintenance     C. conservation    D. protection

12. Taking photographs in this world renowned museum is ________ forbidden.
A. absolutely                           B. highly              C. seriously                    D. strictly

13. The government stopped the local companies from importing fake milk powder ________ of public health.
A. in the interest            B. to the best                 C. for the attention        D. on the safe side

14. ________ the hard evidence against him, the jury had no option but to find him guilty.
A. Given that                           B. In view of                  C. In regard to      D. With a view to

15. Those ballpoint pens are made in a large _______ of colors and styles.
A. series                         B. range                C. collection                   D. network

16. He promised me an Oxford dictionary and to my great joy, he ________ his word.
A. stood by                             B. stuck at            C. went back on   D. held onto

17. The development of laser use is a major ________ in medicine.
A. breakaway                          B. breakup           C. break-in           D. breakthrough

18. Don’t be ________ by misleading advertisements.
A. fooled around            B. taken in            C. put out             D. seen through

19. The management team came ________ criticism for the way they handled the situation.
A. in for                         B. up with            C. up against                 D. out in

20. We are running out of petrol so we’ll have to stop ________ at the next filling station.
A. over                           B. off                             C. by                              D. in

21. Pete: Let me pay for the meal.                              Margaret: ________.
A. It’s on me                           B. It’s my round  C. I’ll make it                 D. Never remind me

22. Pete: If you ask me, action movies are great.            Margaret:__________ .
A. You can say that again!      B. Never mind!     C. That’s that.               D. Sure. It’s my pleasure.

23. Pete: What a fantastic cook you are, Margaret!                Margaret: ________.
A. Sorry, I don’t think so                           B. No, no, it’s not true
C. It’s kind of you to say so                       D. I’d prefer it

24. My mother has a ________ for a bargain.
A. big nose                     B. fast foot           C. good eye                    D. keen sense

25. One can’t help ________ compassion for the people who lost their homes in the earthquake.
A. to feel                        B. but feel             C. from feeling     D. in feeling

26. ________ broken into while we were away on holiday.
A. We had our house                                  B. Thieves had our house
C. It was our house                                    D. They have

27. Climate change and rising global food prices, which are ________ all people, are at the top of the agenda.
A. a cause for concerns to                          B. of concern to
C. alarm bells from                                     D. a cause for alarm at

28. I sent the prospectus to you by post weeks ago. It ________ by now.
A. should have arrived                      B. would have arrived
C. must have arrived                                  D. is supposed to arrive

29. ________ global solidarity, the world would not be better prepared for the influenza H1N1 pandemic.
A. On account of           B. Thanks to                  C. If not                D. But for

30. Anti-terrorism forces were ________ full alert during the Olympic Games.
A. in                               B. under               C. on                              D. at

31. The principal will declare the ceremony open as soon as all the graduates and guests ________.
A. will have sat              B. have been seated       C. will be sitting   D. have seated

32. The mini dress was ________, but now it is making a comeback.
A. was once a fad thought to be finished    B. was once thought to be a finished fad
C. was a fad once thought to be finished    D. was a fad thought to be once finished

33. Pete: “What do you usually do on Sunday night?”              Margaret: “________ time I go out with my friends”.
A. Most                         B. The most                   C. The most of     D. Most of the

34. ________ different in character we are, we have been mutual friends since our childhood.
A. However                             B. Despite being   C. Although                   D. Whatever

35. “How was your visit to the dentist?”        “It was painless. I ________ worried”.
A. mustn’t have             B. needn’t have    C. didn’t need to be       D. wouldn’t have

36. ________ in Paris before, he didn’t know his way around when he took his family there.
A. Not be living                                B. Never having lived
C. His not living                                D. Because he has lived

37. Of the ten beauty spots my brother visited, ________ left a lasting impression on him.
A. none of which           B. not one of them         C. which none      D. and none of them

38. ________ show lasts three hours.
A. All the                       B. The whole                 C. Most                D. Entire

39. ________ that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
A. Based on medical evidence, it suggests  B. The medical evidence we suggest
C. Medically, we suggest evidence              D. There is no medical evidence to suggest

40. “It’s beautiful here!”           “I just wish we ________ a camera with us”.
A. brought                     B. would bring     C. had brought     D. were bringing

II. Choose the word or phrase that best fits each space in the following passage. (30 pts)

In child development there is an important phenomenon that shows very clearly the process of preparation for the future: play. (1) ______ to popular belief, its importance should never be underestimated. Games are not the haphazard creations of parents or educators. They should be seen as educational (2) ______ and as stimuli for the child’s (3) ______, imagination and life skills. Every game is a preparation for the future. The manner in which children (4) ______ a game, their choice of game and the importance they (5) ______ upon it, show their attitude and relationship to their environment and how they relate to their (6) ______ human beings. Whether they are hostile or whether they are friendly, and particularly whether they show qualities as leaders, are clearly (7)______ in their play. In observing children at play we can see their whole attitude towards life; play is of the (8) ______ importance to every child.

But play is more than preparation for life. Games are (9)______ communal exercises that enable children to develop their social feeling. Children who avoid games and play are always (10) ______ to the suspicion that they have not (11)______ satisfactorily to life. These children gladly withdraw from all games, or when they are sent to the playground with other children usually (12) ______ the pleasure of others. Pride, lack of (13)______ and the consequent fear of ‘getting it wrong’ are the main reasons for this behaviour. In general, by watching children at play, we can determine (14)______ great certainty the (15) ______ and quality of their social feeling.

1.  A. In contrast            B. Contrary                   C. According                  D. Due
2.  A. means                            B. sources            C. tools                D. aids
3.  A. psyche                           B. physiology                C. mindset            D. nerves
4.  A. operate                          B. approach                   C. process             D. experience
5.  A. give                      B. accord              C. place                D. lay
6.  A. fellow                             B. contemporary  C. present             D. peer
7.  A. distinct                           B. evident             C. noticeable                  D. marked
8.  A. great                     B. utmost             C. prime               D. most
9.  A. without doubts              B. in all                C. by far               D. above all
10. A. attached              B. open                C. prone               D. likely
11. A. survived              B. adjusted           C. changed           D. grown
12. A. spoil                             B. damage            C. vanish              D. worsen
13. A. maturity              B. egoism             C. self-esteem                 D. development
14. A. on                        B. in                     C. with                 D. for
15. A. level                              B. scale                 C. scope               D. extent

III. Identify the mistake in each sentence. (20 pts)

1. Having rested after a good night’s sleep she jumped out of bed, left for work and put all her energies into it.

A                                 B                                       C                                             D
2. These are among the most popular products is a well-known fact, and we believe that they will

A                                                                             B
continue to do  so for some years to come

C                            D
3. We are due for rain-triggered floods today, so you need to be under guard for them and halt your outdoor work.

A              B                                                                      C                              D
4. Though television is the dominant media for United States households, Garrison Keillor’s Saturday night

A                                          B
radio show of folk songs and stories is heard  by millions of people.

C                                         D
5. There is a panel, to discuss about drug addiction, in progress in the student lounge .

A                                    B                                C                    D
6. After the eruption shortly the residents of the ranch, located close to the volcano, placed a call seeking evacuation
7. Only recently did the talent spotter wake up to the fact that my daughter, an aspiring starlet withgreat potentials,

A                                                                          B                                C
would make it to the top .

8. In the face of a weakening economy and fuel crises, many people might well miss out on summer vacations .

A                B                                                                 C                          D
9. In order for our targets to set and meet, we require that the youth be at the forefront of the fight against AIDS.

A                               B                 C                                  D
10. Though honored for her commitment for her profession, she is most proud of her roles as a wife and mother.

A                                             B                         C                              D
IV. Supply the appropriate forms of words in the brackets. (30 pts)

1. As ________ as he is, it’s not surprising that he believed their lies. (impress)
2. Our factories, cars and power stations may poison the environment with ________ gases and chemical waste. (pollute)
3. The monument was erected in ________ of the fallen soldiers for posterity. (remember)
4. Being a career woman, Angelina devoted herself exclusively to ________ her career. (far)
5. Hopefully, patients infected with influenza A/H1N1 can be treated with ________ drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza. (virus)
6. Urban sewage and industrial waste that man discharges into the sea have a ________ effect on marine life. (delete)
7. We should make young people realize that drug-taking is ________ . (destroy)
8. Good jobs are in short supply these days and you need to be on the ________ for them as a result. (looking)
9. The invention of software by Bill Gates brought ________ wealth to him when he was 25. (tell)
10. Mind your language, you guys. It is ________ rude. (excuse)
11. One of the most studied of all ‘kitchen cures’, ginger has been used ________ for millennia. (medicine)
12. Whenever examination is in progress, I often see parents, family members and ________ waiting anxiously outside the exam sites. (wish)
13. There was a _______ in the arrangements so I missed my flight. (slip)
14. _______ skill is the one skill that can grant you the opportunity to get a good job. (lead)
15. Bill Gates is a _______ story of an entrepreneur. (succeed)

V. Read the passage and choose the best answers to the questions.  (20 pts)

The Winterthur Museum is a collection and a house. There are many museums devoted to the decorative arts and many house museums, but rarely in the United States is a great collection displayed in a great country house. Passing through successive generations of a single family, Winterthur has been a private estate for more than a century. Even after the extensive renovations made to it between 1929 and 1931, the house remained a family residence. This fact is of importance to the atmosphere and effect of the museum. The impression of a lived-in house is apparent to the visitor: the rooms look as if they were vacated only a short while ago whether by the original owners of the furniture or the most recent residents of the house can be a matter of personal interpretation. Winterthur remains, then, a house in which a collection of furniture and architectural elements has been assembled. Like an English country house, it is an organic structure; the house, as well as the collection and manner of displaying it to the visitor, has changed over the years. The changes have coincided with developing concepts of the American arts, increased knowledge on the part of collectors and students, and a progression toward the achievement of a historical effect in period-room displays. The rooms at Winterthur have followed this current, yet still retained the character of a private house.

The concept of a period room as a display technique has developed gradually over the years in an effort to present works of art in a context that would show them to greater effect and would give them more meaning for the viewer. Comparable to the habitat group in a natural history museum, the period room represents the decorative arts in a lively and interesting manner and provides an opportunity to assemble objects related by style, date, or place of manufacture.

1. What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. The reason that Winterthur was redesigned
B. Elements that make Winterthur an unusual museum
C. How Winterthur compares to English country houses
D. Historical furniture contained in Winterthur

2. The phrase “devoted to” in line 1 is closest in meaning to
A. surrounded by                   B. specializing in            C. successful in    D. sentimental about

3. What happened at Winterthur between 1929 and 1931?
A. The owners moved out                                    B. The house was repaired
C. The old furniture was replaced                        D. The estate became a museum

4. What does the author mean by stating “the impression of a lived-in house is apparent to the visitor” (lines 5-6)?
A. Winterthur is very old                                     B. Few people visit Winterthur
C. Winterthur does not look like a typical museum       D. The furniture at Winterthur looks comfortable

5. The word “assembled” in line 9 is closest in meaning to
A. summoned                B. appreciated      C. brought together                 D. fundamentally changed

6. The word “it” in line 9 refers to
A. Winterthur                          B. collection                   C. English country house        D. visitor

7. The word “developing” in line 11 is closest in meaning to
A. traditional                           B. exhibiting                  C. informative                D. evolving

8. According to the passage, objects in a period room are related by all of the following EXCEPT
A. date                           B. style                 C. place of manufacture          D. past ownership

9. What is the relationship between the two paragraphs in the passage?
A. Paragraph 2 explains a term that was mentioned in Paragraph 1.
B. Each paragraph describes a different approach to the display of objects in a museum
C. Paragraph 2 explains a philosophy of art appreciation that contrasts with that explained in Paragraph 1.
D. Each paragraph describes a different historical period

10. Where in the passage does the author explain why displays at Winterthur have changed?
A. lines 1-2                              B. lines 4-5                    C. lines 6-8                              D. lines 10-12

VI. Supply each blank with one suitable word. (30 pts)

The city of Melbourne, Australia has always had a (1)______ for unusual weather. Melbourne people enjoy (2)______ this joke to visitors: if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, don’t worry, just wait five minutes, because it’s sure to change.

At the beginning of 1992, Melbourne had its (3)______ January for over 100 years. It rained for nine days on (4)______. As well as raining all day, the weather was also cold. At night, people in some Melbourne suburbs were (5)______ on their heating as (6)______ it was winter. It was (7)______ cold many people could (8)______ believe that it was summer at all.

The best weather in Melbourne, however, is not usually in the summer: it is in the autumn. The autumn usually has more pleasant days (9)______ the summer. The weather in autumn is usually (10)______ of warm days and cool, comfortable (11)______.

The (12)______ of the city at this time of year is beautiful, too. Melbourne has many lovely gardens and parklands with beautiful trees. In the autumn, the trees change their (13)______ to red, gold and brown. As they are (14)______ in the air by the wind of a late autumn day, the leaves add life to the city. So even if the summer is cold and wet, people in Melbourne can still look forward to the (15)______ of a warm sunny autumn.

VII. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning. (30 pts)

1. You don’t find such exquisite hand-made suits in many shops here.
->In few _____________________________________________

2. “Don’t worry. Of course you can take a month’s paid leave”, said my boss.
-> My boss reassured ________________________________________________

3. His insistence on dropping out of the race at the last minute came as no shock to everybody.
-> He _______________________________________________

4. What are the chances of Twilight 2 being a huge box-office success?
->How likely_________________________________________

5. I wish you hadn’t breathed a word about his private life to anyone.
-> I would like ________________________________________

6. Jack doesn’t know all the answers, though he pretends to.
->Jack acts __________________________________________

7. The realization of what she had sacrificed for him led him to believe she was all the world to him.
->Not ___________________________________________________

8. We rely too much on the Internet. Therefore, our lives are in danger of becoming more impersonal.
-> Were __________________________________________________

9. Their work on developing an H1N1 vaccine is already under way to cope with the new strain.

10. Nowadays I consider taking up a hobby to be far less important than I used to.
->Nowadays I don’t attach nearly

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