Luyện thi đại học Tiếng Anh theo chuyên đề: Các loại câu điều kiện

 Chuyên đề: Các loại câu điều kiện
A. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.
1. I would have visited you before if there_________ quite a lot of people in your house.
2. If you had caught the bus, you _____________ late for work.
3. If I _____________, I would express my feelings.
4. If ________ as I told her, she would have succeeded.
5. Will you be angry if I _______________ your pocket dictionary?
6. You made a mistake by telling her a lie. It __________ better if you ______ to her.
  • A. would have been/ hadn’t lied
7. John would be taking a great risk if he ______________ his money in that business.
8. She wouldn’t have given them all that money if we_______________ her to.
9. If the tree hadn’t been so high, he ______________ it up to take his kite down.
10. If the wall weren’t so high, he ____________ it up to take his ball down.
11. If I ____________ her phone number, I ____________ her.
12. If we_______ to London when we ___________ in England, you would have never seen Big Ben.
  • A. hadn’t gone/ were
13. If you press that button what ____________?
  • A.would happen
14. She says if she___________ that the traffic lights were red she _______________.
15. I am very thin. I think, if I ____________ smoking, I might get fat.
B. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.
1. If Mary would have been more careful in proofreading her dissertation, she would not have had to get it typed
2. Would you buy some bananas if the greengrocer’s is still open?
3. If the driver had seen the stop sign, the accident wouldn’t happen.
4. If I am in your place, I would not do so.
5. If we had a big house, we can invite our friends to stay.
6. You eat fruits when they are ripe. If you eat them when they are still sour, you might have stomachache.
7. If you sold your house, you didn’t get much money for it.
8. What would you do if you have chance to travel in the submarine?
9. If Mr. Black weren’t late, he wouldn’t have lost his job.
10. What could happen if the police hadn’t arrived so quickly?
C. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence given.
1. I was not there yesterday, so I could not help you.
2. You didn’t tell me your story, so I couldn’t help you.
  • A. If you told me the story, I could help you.
3. If Nam hadn’t gone to school yesterday, he wouldn’t have understood that lesson.
  • A. Nam didn’t go to school yesterday and he didn’t understand that lesson.
  • B. Nam went to school yesterday but he didn’t understand that lesson.
4. He doesn’t study hard, so he can fail the examination.
  • A. If he studies hard, he won’t fail the examination.
5. She worked hard so she got high wages.
  • A. If she didn’t work hard, she wouldn’t get high wages.
6. Mary felt sick because she drank too much wine.
  • A. If Mary hadn’t drunk too much wine, she wouldn’t have felt sick.
7. I didn’t have time, so I didn’t go shopping.
  • A. If I have time, I will go shopping.
8. She doesn’t know English, so she can’t translate English books.
  • A. If she knows English, she can translate English books.
9. Mary didn’t wear the raincoat, so she got cold.
  • A. If Mary wore the raincoat, she wouldn’t get a cold.
10. You didn’t work hard. You got bad marks.
  • A. Had you worked hard, you would have got bad marks.

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