Đề thi minh họa THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh năm 2017 Đề 5 (phần 2)

Đề thi thử THPT môn tiếng Anh năm 2017

Mời các bạn vào làm Đề thi minh họa THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh năm 2017 Đề 5 (phần 2) dưới đây với các dạng bài dựa theo các năm thi trước, giúp các bạn nắm vững lại nội dung kiến thức, qua đó tự đánh giá năng lực bản thân. Chúc các bạn làm bài tốt!

Đề thi minh họa THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh năm 2017 Đề 5 (phần 1)

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 26: For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast and the ________.
Question 27:1 don’t think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I totally failed to get my point ________.
Question 28: This fruit has been in the fridge for over three weeks! It is all.
Question 29: As I have just had a tooth________ , I am not allowed to eat or drink anything for three hours.
Question 30: We don’t seem to have any more of that book, Sir. It is out of________ but we are getting a new delivery next Thursday if you would like to pop back then
Question 31: – “What do you think of football?” -“______ “
Question 32: As coal mines became deeper, the problems of draining water, bringing in fresh air, and——–to the surface increased.
Question 33: I’m________my brother is.
Mark the letter A, B, c or D to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the italic part in each of the following questions
Question 34:
He didn’t hat an eye when he realized he failed the exam again.
Question 35:
The changes in a person’s physical and emotional state caused by drinking alcohol are known as intoxication.
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer
Are organically grown foods the best food choices? The advantages claimed for such foods over conventionally grown and marketed food products are now being debated. Advocates of organic foods-a term whose meaning varies greatly – frequently proclaim that such products are safer and more nutritious than others.
The growing interest of consumers in the safety and more nutritional quality of the typical North American diet is a welcome development. However, much of this interest has been sparked by sweeping claims that the food supply is unsafe or inadequate in meeting nutritional needs. Although most of these claims are not supported by scientific evidence, the preponderance of written material advancing such claims makes it difficult for the general public to separate fact from fiction. As a result, claims that eating a diet consisting entirely of organically grown foods prevents or cures disease or provides other benefits to health have become widely publicized and form the basis for folklore.
Almost daily the public is besieged by claims for “no-aging” diets, new vitamins, and other wonder foods. There are numerous unsubstantiated reports that natural vitamins are superior to synthetic ones, that fertilized eggs are nutritionally superior to unfertilized eggs, that untreated grains are better than fumigated grains and the like.
One thing that most organically grown food products seem to have in common is that they cost more than conventionally grown foods. But in many cases consumers are misled if they believe organic foods can maintain health and provide better nutritional quality than conventionally grown foods. So there IS real cause for concern if consumers, particularly those with limited incomes, distrust the regular food and buy only expensive organic foods instead.
Question 36: The world “Advocates” is closest in meaning to which of the following?
Question 37: The word “others” refers to________.
Question 38: The “welcome development” is an increase in____________ .
Question 39: According to the first paragraph, which of the following is true about the term “organic foods”?
Question 40: The author implies that there is cause for concern if consumers with limited incomes buy organic foods instead of conventionally grown foods because _________.
Question 41: According to the last paragraph, consumers who believe that organic foods are better than conventionally grown foods are often _________.
Question 42: What is the one thing in common that most organic food seem to have?
Mark the letter on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correcting
Question 43:
After the social science lecture all students are invited to take part in a discussion of the issues which were
A                                                                B                                           C
risen in the talk.
Question 44:
A football match begins with the ball kicking forwards from a spot in the centre of the field.
A       B                          C                                         D
Question 45:
They had a discussion about training not only the new employees but also giving them some challenges.
A                 B                                                             C                           D
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions.
Question 46 The match on Sunday is very popular. It was wise of him to buy the tickets in advance.
Question 47: We arrived at airport. We realized our passports were still at home.
Mark the letter A B c or D on your answer sheet to choose the sentence winch is closest in meaning to the given one
Question 48 Friendly though he may seem, he’s not to be trusted.
Question 49: “You’re always making terrible mistakes”, said the teacher.
Question 50: The criminal is believed to be living abroad.

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