Bài tập Tiếng Anh theo chuyên đề: Tìm lỗi sai trong câu – Số 2

Bài tập Tiếng Anh theo chuyên đề: Tìm lỗi sai trong câu – Số 2
Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.
1. During the Middle Ages, handwriting notices kept groups of nobles informed of

important events.

2. Tenant farmers are those they either rent a farm and work it for themselves or work the farm for the owner and receive payment
3. Slightly over half of the population of El Paso, Texas, says both English and Spanish.
4. American manufactures depend on ocean shipping for most of trade with other countries.
5. Approximately one-third of all persons involved in adult education programs in 1970 were enrolled in occupational education course.
6. Natural adhesives are primarily of animals or vegetable origin.
7. Life insurance, before available only to young, healthy persons, can now be obtained for old people and even for pets.
8. It is estimated that a scientific principle has a life expectancy of approximately a decade before it drastically revised or replaced by newer information.
9. A largely percentage of Canadian export business is with the United States.
10. Some studies show that young babies prefer the smell of milk to those of other liquids.
1. I’d like to see him in my office the moment he will arrive.
2. Each of the beautiful cars in the shop was quickly sold to their owner.
3. It was a six-hours journey; we were completely exhausted when we arrived.
4. Professor Jones said that a good way to improve your language are learning to practise it frequently.
5. Being that he was a good swimmer, John managed to rescue the child.
6. Many people have found the monotonous buzzing of the vuvuzela in the 2010-World-Cup matches so annoyed.
7.The team leader demanded from his team members a serious attitude towards work, good team spirit, and that they work hard.
8. In my judgment, I think Hem is the best physicist among the scientists of the SEA region.
9. After analyzing the steep rise in profits according to your report, it was convinced

that your analyses were correct.

10. The woman of whom the red car is parked in front of the bank is a famous pop


1. Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountains, the climbers decided not to cancel their climb.
  • A. Even though
2. The media have produced live covering of Michael Jackson’s fans around the world mourning for him.
3. Found in the 12th century, Oxford University ranks among the world’s oldest universities.
4. Although smokers are aware that smoking is harmful to their health, they can’t get rid it.
5. Bill was about average in performance in comparison with other students in his class.
6. The original World Cup trophy was given permanent to Brazil to honour that country’s record third world cup title in Mexico in 1970.
7. In very early times, people around the fire were entertained by storytellers with stories of heroes’ wonderful actions and victory.
8. When I got home, Irene was lying in bed thinking about what a wonderful time she’s had.
9. Shortly before the Allied invasion of Normandy, Ernest Hemingway has gone to

London as a war correspondent for Colliers.

10. It is time the government helped the unemployment to find some jobs.
1. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments.
2. My mother doesn’t care how much does the washing machine cost because she is

going to buy it anyway.

3. Due of the government’s policy, some farming areas have been abandoned.
4. The British national anthem, calling “God Save the Queen”, was a traditional song in the 18th century.
5. Helen likes to listen to music, to go to the cinema, to chat on the phone and going shopping.
6. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are explaining the children the rules of the game.
7. You can enjoy a sport without joining in a club or belonging to a team.
8. Unlike many writings of her time, she was not preoccupied with morality.
9. A child of noble birth, his name was famous among the children in that school.
10. Folk artists have few or no formal art training.

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