50 Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm chuyên đề Ngữ pháp – Từ vựng tiếng Anh (Phần 5.2)

Bài tập Ngữ pháp – Từ vựng tiếng Anh có đáp án

Question 26: The village was ______ visible through the dense fog.
Question 27: Generally, the South of England is as ______ as the North.
Question 28: Helen is traveling to Germany tomorrow on her first working trip and she is very excited ______ it.
Question 29: He’d hardly finished doing his homework when you arrived, ______?
Question 30: Had they arrived at the shop earlier, they ______ a better selection of clothes.
Question 31: Before you start cooking, you should gather together all the necessary ______.
Question 32: What ______ views do Americans and Asians have about love and marriage?
Question 33: I can’t ______ this noise any longer. I’m going to write a letter of complaint to the local authority about this problem.
Question 34: Bill managed to get to the train station himself ______ his leg was broken.
Question 35: Dr. Smith is the person in ______ I don’t have much confidence.
Question 36: This director has ______ some famous films but I think this one is the best.
Question 37: He wondered ______ his sister looked like, because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.
Question 38: Does Mr. Ba bring his farm ______ to the local market every day?
Question 39: This is ______ the most difficult job I’ve ever had to do.
Question 40: Hurry up, or they ______ serving meals by the time we get to the restaurant.
Question 41: During the Enlightenment, the powers and uses of reason ______.
Question 42: He is a typical ______, always looking on the bright side of everything.
Question 43: That style of dress ______ have been designed by Titian, because it wasn’t worn till after his death.
Question 44: Bottles of medicine must have childproof caps ______ children think medicine is candy and poison themselves.
Question 45: My favourite team ______ 15 games so far this season, and will probably win the championship.
Question 46: You should have ______ your composition carefully before you handed it in.
Question 47: “Don’t worry about your necklace. Give it to me and I promise to ______ great care of it.”
Question 48: The police are going to look ______ the disappearance of the child.
Question 49: We have decided to pitch the tent on _____ bank of the river.
Question 50: Our school _____ about 600 new students every year.

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